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On the Menu - The Inn at Weathersfield

May 28, 2014

The Inn at Weathersfield has long been known as one of Southern Vermont’s culinary destinations. Chef Jean-Luc Matécat is now at the helm and he is upholding the Inn’s standing commitment to area farmers; both their a' la carte and Chef’s Tasting Menus are built on the season’s best flavors.

My latest trip to Perkinsville was a memorable one--each of my six courses in the tasting menu featured wild crafted edibles hand harvested by famed wildcrafters Les Hook and Nova Kim. Les and Nova visited the Inn as the first event of this season’s Hidden Kitchen Series. They took a lucky group of culinary enthusiasts out into the surrounding woods to identify and gather wild edibles. The day ended with a lavish wild food tasting dinner created by Jean-Luc; a challenging task for even the most polished chef, as Les and Nova could give no guarantees as to what they would find in that day’s trip. Chef Jean-Luc’s menu was precisely what spring-hungry Northerners dream of in early May—wild ginger, ramps, fiddleheads, wild watercress, day lilies, and sunchokes! [Follow this link to see the menu through pictures]

Visit the Inn at Weathersfield’s website to explore the Hidden Kitchen Series and Cooking Classes to plan your next culinary getaway!

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