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On the Menu at Hyde Away Inn and Restaurant

January 22, 2014

Bruce Hyde Jr. took over management of his family’s restaurant, Hyde Away Inn and Restaurant, this spring. With the help of young, entrepreneurial Chef Ryan Mayo, Bruce has focused on sourcing from local producers and now, Bruce shared, “Most of the time, when we're calling something local, it was produced within 10 miles of us. Everything from year-round greens at Green Mountain Harvest, pork and vegetables from Gaylord Farm, shiitake mushrooms from Dana Forest Farm, tomatoes and veggies from Hartshorn Farm, lamb from Stowell Farm.., and that's just the farms within a few miles of us! We believe that by supporting local producers not only do we have a better product, but we also strengthen our community and help continue a Vermont tradition." 

What are Bruce and Chef Ryan excited about right now?
Finding unexpected treasures in nose to tail cooking…

Gaylord Farm provides whole hogs to Hyde Away on a weekly basis, this suits Chef Ryan's special skill of finding creative uses for otherwise dismissed cuts of meat. Ham hocks are generally only used in soups or stocks, considered too tough to use for much more than flavoring, but Chef Ryan discovered that braising the hocks for 24 hours in acidic red wine and aromatics renders them juicy and tender. You can find these ‘fall-off the bone’ hocks in Hyde Away’s rich and decadent carbonara, the recipe Bruce and Chef Ryan have generously shared.

Braise Ham Hocks in Red Wine, Carrots, Pork Stock, Celery, Onions, Rosemary, Thyme & Garlic. (for 24 hours)

Ingredients for carbonara:

  • 1 Local Egg
  • Shaved Parmesan
  • Chopped Local Yellow Carrot (blanched)
  • Local Parsnip Chips (slice on mandolin and quickly fry in grapeseed oil)
  • House-Cured Pancetta
  • House-Made Pasta

Cooking and serving Instructions

  • Boil Water, cook pasta till al dente, set aside
  • Saute pancetta until fat is rendered, drain, retain fat.
  • Sautee onions in fat until tender
  • Add cooked pancetta
  • add yellow carrot
  • add pasta to pan
  • add egg and parmesan
  • toss until cheese is melted and egg is cooked
  • plate in bowl and add braised ham hock on top
  • garnish with parsnip chips
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