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Fresh off the Farm - Vermont Soy

January 8, 2014

As the business manager at Vermont Soy in Hardwick, Michael Carr is tasked with convincing shoppers to buy his local, organic and GMO free brand of soymilk and tofu-easy sell, right? Michael says it’s actually as easy as suggesting - “try it.”

What makes Vermont soymilk and tofu so delicious?

It is delicately made and fresh!

Vermont Soy pasteurizes their products at a lower heat than the standard, ultra high temperature process used to obtain an extra long shelf life. Lower temperature pasteurization preserves the natural vitamins, nutrients, mouth feel, texture and taste of the soy. Vermont Soy products hit the shelves fresh, within 72 hours of being made, and sometimes even the same day. Delivering a high quality, fresh, refrigerated product means they aren’t shipping all over the country - you can only find Vermont Soy in New England and New York and, wherever you purchase it, you know it’s likely been grown and processed within 100 miles of you

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