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Creemee Confidential - Canteen Creemee Company

August 31, 2016

Chef Charlie Menard thinks in pairs when he’s planning out creemee flavors. Blueberry is delicious, especially since it’s made from Hartshorn Organic Farm blueberries, but twist it with Vermont Honey and it shines. Canteen Creemee Company opened in Waitsfield this past spring and has had both Vermonters and visitors flocking to the Mad River Valley for sweet and salty treats as well as photo ops with the incredible, architectural creemee sundaes Chef Charlie features on the menu.

One such sundae is ‘Grandma’s Summer Harvest’ which nods to his 2013 Best Bite winning ice cream from the VFN Forum. Grandma’s Summer Harvest features zucchini bread, tomato jam, dehydrated sweet Corn, basil, honey creemee and crème fraiche beautifully built into a waffle cone. Charlie’s honey creemee has been one of his favorite creations. “Vermont’s all about the maple creemee, but we have all this [Vermont] honey too – and it comes through so simply and perfectly in the creemee – just like honey,” Charlie shared. What flavors will be coming through the mixer this fall? “Definitely NOT pumpkin.” stated Charlle, but he hasn’t ruled out butternut squash and there may be a play on schneeball (had to look that one up). We’ll have to wait and see! 

Chef Charlie runs back and forth between the Canteen and Inn at the Round Barn Farm where he runs the kitchen, cooks breakfast and creates beautiful menus for weddings hosted at the Inn. While the concepts for each of the two businesses are very different, there is still a little crossover like when a bride and groom recently requested some "dope toppings" for their dessert ice cream a la Canteen. And the strong partnership that Chef Charlie has grown with Dave Hartshorn of Hartshorn Organic Farm over at the Inn has carried through to the menu at Canteen. Both the food and creemees feature Dave's seasonal produce. Check out Canteen Creemee Company this fall in Waitsfield before they close up for the winter - they'll still 'pop-up' from time to time until the weather warms up. 


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