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Maple Meadow Farm Celebrates 75th Anniversary

December 20, 2021

When he’s not busy playing sports after his day in fifth grade at the Salisbury Community School, ten-year-old Tucker Sheldrick is tending to the chickens in the cage-free barn at Maple Meadow Farm. Taking on the responsibility of caring for the flock comes naturally to Tucker and his younger brother, Griffin, who are the fourth generation of the Devoid family working to produce quality eggs and maple syrup for customers across Vermont. 

"They may stay in the business," says Jennifer Sheldrick, Griffin and Tucker's mom. "They have dreams too, but they are proud of the farm. Life on the farm is always busy - it can instill a good work ethic and my boys love to be active and do anything they can to help. The employees are great at bringing them along and help to keep it safe and fun." 

Celebrating 75 years in the business, Maple Meadow Farm was founded in 1946 by Lois and George C. Devoid as a way to supplement their income. In the early days, George delivered eggs, milk, and Lois' homemade cottage cheese by bike to customers on Lake Dunmore. The business grew to focus on egg and maple syrup production, and the pedal bike was replaced by delivery trucks that now service customers across the state from Brattleboro to Craftsbury. Now managed by George E. and Jackie Devoid and their grown children, Jennifer and Niles, Maple Meadow's flock of Rhode Island Reds and White Leghorns produce over 200,000 eggs per week!

Purchasing eggs and maple syrup is often an entry point for chefs and food producers to utilize fresh, local products. Everybody needs eggs! From small bed and breakfasts to institutional buyers like Middlebury College that purchase up to 50 cases a week, the Devoid family takes pride in their commitment to their customers and community. Join us in celebrating family-owned and operated Maple Meadow Farm - a valued member with 25 VFN partners that has been delivering quality eggs and maple syrup for generations. Congratulations to the Devoid family!

pictured from left to right: Niles Devoid, Jackie Devoid, George Devoid, Griffin Sheldrick, Jennifer Sheldrick (not pictured, Griffin Sheldrick)














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