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JR Iron Chef

March 21, 2015

Confident. Dedicated. Determined. Hardworking. Responsible. Creative. Team Player. Problem-Solver. These are exactly the qualities we want to see in today's youth, our future leaders. They are also the words that team coaches used to describe the students who participated in Jr Iron Chef 2014. 

From the start, Jr Iron Chef VT has been committed to providing middle and high school students with hands-on experience preparing and cooking nutritious, farm-fresh foods. Establishing a connection to food is a critical step towards developing lifelong healthy eating habits. This connection is formed - or reinforced - for students through Jr Iron Chef VT by interacting with local farmers as they source ingredients, designing recipes that highlight local ingredients, and cooking whole, local foods from scratch.

"Because of Jr Iron Chef VT, I have started to pick the healthier option instead of the junk. I've become more aware of the fresh produce available throughout the year and I've become less resistant to trying new things."
- Student, South Burlington High School Rebel Chef team

To more than 2,000 Vermont students - from technical centers to college prep - who have participated during the last seven years, Jr Iron Chef VT has become about so much more than developing a connection to their local agriculture. It's about building self-esteem, responsibility, and comradery. The expectations for those who participate is high - they need to show up to practices prepared to contribute, communicate, and collaborate with others. Their high level of commitment is evident when the event rolls out in March.   

"The energy at the competition is amazing and students are able to see other food ideas, how other groups work together, how they perform under pressure, and deal with unexpected consequences. They inspire me." 
- Dawn Fuller-Ball, Whitcomb Middle/High School

It costs $500 per team to run this event. With 75 teams participating, the total adds up. However, thanks to the generous support of sponsors we can continue to keep the entry fee affordable for all teams who wish to participate. Won't you please help us accomplish this goal by becoming a sponsor in 2015?

There are a range of sponsorship opportunities, with a variety of great benefits. Click here to view all the options

Chefs! Want to help a team in your area? There are so many ways you can pitch in!

  • Host a field trip to your kitchen for a local team!
  • Go to the school and teach a cooking lesson!
  • Help them source local ingredients!
  • Help a team test and develop recipes!
  • Become an assistant coach!
Contact Amy Gifford at amy[@] to connect with a team in your area! 


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