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Fresh Legislation - GMO Labeling Bill

May 14, 2014

On May 8th, Vermont passed a landmark bill signed in and supported by Governor Shumlin to require labeling of genetically engineered (GMO) foods that will go in to effect on July 1st, 2016. Not only will GMO containing products require labeling, but it will also prohibit the misleading labeling of “natural,” “all-natural,” and “100% natural” on genetically engineered food.

The tireless work and testimony of many Vermonters went in to making this happen, one of whom is Rural Vermont’s Executive Director, Andrea Stander. Rural Vermont is a friend and partner of the Vermont Fresh Network, and their dedication to family farms and the health of Vermont land and communities has been monumental in moving important legislation forward. We checked in with Andrea about this bill as she wrapped up another successful legislative season. She said “the bill, first and foremost, is a victory for everyone who eats. This bill provides the information for people to make choices about what they eat.” When asked what effect this will have on Vermont farmers and producers, Andrea shared “as we go forward, what we will see is more opportunities for farmers to grow more non-GMO products, because there will be more demand.”

Celebrate another year of great work from Rural Vermont tomorrow (Thursday, May 15) at their 29th Annual Celebration in Chester. The free celebration will kick off with a good old-fashioned potluck supper, cash bar, and a social hour. Following the brief annual meeting, several farmers will take the stage for storytelling that will, not only demonstrate their passion and connection to the way they raise food, but paint a future that returns the “culture” to agriculture. The stories will then lead into a dynamic conversation about the barriers preventing or impeding food freedom, solutions for moving forward, and how people can lend support to this movement to regain our food freedom. Join the fun—RSVP here!


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