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Creemee Confidential - Kingdom Creamery

August 31, 2016

There’s a common understanding between ice cream makers and testers everywhere - nothing beats the taste of ice cream straight out of the mixer, before packaging and blast freezing. That rich, smooth and creamy taste of the fresh mix is what inspired the invention of the creemee we all know and love. That is the flavor that Kingdom Creamery strives to embody with every creemee mix they make, and their delicious mixes have creemee fans clamoring from small town scoop shops to New York City.   

Kingdom Creamery started as a way for the Michaud family to keep their beloved dairy farm afloat despite commodity milk prices. There was already excellent cheese being made in the area, so why not try ice cream? It was a great idea. In 2011, they built a processing plant right across the street from their family dairy farm. The premium dairy doesn't have far to travel after milking so the ice cream is incredibly fresh - even the maple for their maple creemee mix is tapped on the farm. Kingdom Creamery now churns out their own packaged hard ice cream, frozen yogurt and creemee mixes. If you’ve had a delicious scoop or twist around Vermont, chances are the base came from Kingdom Creamery – it’s used by three Seven Daysies winners: SoYo Frozen Yogurt (Best Frozen Yogurt), Lake Champlain Chocolates (Best Ice Cream) and Cookie Love in Ferrisburg (Best Creemee). Now, the dairy farm supports three generations, including 11 expert taste-testers in the youngest generation, and there's room to grow. Even with their ice cream, creemees and recently added lines of yogurt and fluid milk, they are only using about 35% of the milk their herd produces.    

What has made the Michaud’s business successful, alongside their fantastic product and devoted working family, is their partnerships and flexibility. “We built our model to be flexible, we’re open to any idea that comes our way,” shared Jeremy Michaud. Their flexibility has opened their business up to work with a wide group of partners and they have developed new flavors and new mixes to fit these partnerships. Kingdom Creamery works with small family owned partners and distributors like Wilcox Dairy in Manchester and MacAuley's Foodservice in Websterville to deliver their product throughout the state. Using distributors sometimes makes it hard to know exactly where your product ends up, but the generous folks at MacAuley’s shared where they deliver Kingdom Creamery creemee mix so you can not only read about it – you can try it!

Find Kingdom Creamery Creemees here! 
(List provided by MacAuley's Foodservice)

  • Boston Dreams - Windsor
  • Broadacres Creamies - Colchester
  • Depot SQ Pizzeria - Northfield
  • Four Corners General - Piermont
  • Goodies Snack Bar - Addison
  • Happy Belly - Colchester
  • Happy Belly Deli - Winooski
  • Hatchet Tap & Table - Richmond
  • Jake's Quechee Market - Quechee
  • Jockey Hollow Deli - South Barre
  • Juniper Fare Church - Moretown
  • Kerry's Kwik Stop - Burlington
  • Kingsbury Gen Store - Waitsfield
  • Paddies Snack Bar - Noth Troy
  • Plainfield Hardware Store - East Montpelier
  • Qu's Whistle Stop - N. Clarendon
  • Ray's Seafood Market - Essex
  • Simply Subs - Barre
  • Steak House Restaurant - Berlin
  • Sweet Clover Market - Essex Junction
  • The Big Catch - Bristol
  • Underhill Country Store - Underhill
  • Village Creeme Stand - Bristol
  • VT Cookie Love - North Ferrisburg
  • Whippi Dip - Fairlee
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