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Vermont’s Local Banquet: Call for Writers and Articles

October 28, 2019

Local Banquet began in 2007 as a quarterly print publication dedicated to "providing a meeting place for our farmers, producers and food artisans, and those who enjoy eating and supporting locally grown food.” And they’re looking for writers! They are always looking for perspectives pieces from individuals working in Vermont’s food and farm system, whether as farmers, food makers, fiber crafters, homesteaders, culinary professionals, forest stewards, gardeners or insightful eaters! 

Write a Perspectives article for Vermont’s Local Banquet. 


In 2015 the longtime editor departed to begin a sheep farm in upstate New York (which is doing well) and in early 2018 the co-founders and publishers decided to retire. But they still wanted a place for strong, thoughtful writing that illuminates what is happening in Vermont agriculture, particularly what happens outside of daily news headlines. So, Local Banquet is now an online publication at

And they’re looking for writers!

There are writers guidelines for all their article types posted here:

The goal of the perspectives piece is to offer a window into an interesting aspect of our local food system in a way that helps others gain new knowledge. Articles are about 400 words (but can be flexible if needed and some pieces run longer).

For example, this piece by Chris Sims about on-farm slaughter, or this one by Nancy Hayden on the process of writing a book about her farm. They also take perspectives pieces that represent someone else’s perspective, for example through a short interview or presentation, like this article on hosting a writers panel at NOFA-VT

Compensation for these articles is $75, and you keep the republishing rights to use it in blogs, newsletters, websites, etc. 

If you’ve got an idea for a perspectives piece, please send an email with the idea, not the full article, to The Subject Line should read “Idea for Perspectives Article”. They run these articles throughout the year, so even if what you want to write about is more relevant for a different time, just say when you would publish it and it can be added to the calendar.

Interested in writing other content? They also look for Set the Table pieces (about 300 words plus recipe), feature articles (about 1200 words), and policy analysis. Details are online.  

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