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On the Menu - The Residence at Shelburne Bay Senior Living Facility

April 27, 2016

This isn't your grandma's dining plan -- wait, it actually is! Great food at all ages should be the motto at The Residence at Shelburne Bay Senior Living Community where Chef Andy Rose, Culinary Services Director, infuses all his menus with creativity, fun and local ingredients. Preparing food for over 200 people from all walks of life comes as a challenge and also a perk for Chef Andy, “unlike the usual perception about food served in a senior community, I love that I have the freedom to produce and serve high quality, interesting foods -- even though we do keep sodium levels and hot spices low,” he shares.

The residents at Shelburne Bay have a love for local flavors, which works well for Chef Andy’s kitchen philosophy. “Like a lot of Chefs,” Andy explains, “utilizing local products is what you do. You use the best quality and freshest products available.” The menu at the Residence changes daily, allowing the freedom to work with seasonal products and flavors – “it’s what the diners are asking for,” shares Chef Andy, “our residents are becoming much more food savvy and have high expectations regarding food quality, presentation and selections.” Keeping all the food production in-house allows the kitchen to incorporate local ingredients in all their production -- like homemade baked goods that make use of rhubarb, berries, stone fruit, and apples in season. Where does Andy want to increase local procurement? Alcohol! Social functions at the Residence will soon see more local offerings on the bar. Cheers! 

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