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New Kid on the Block - HONEYPIE

June 2, 2016

Chloe and Wesley Genovart relocated from New York to start a small restaurant in South Londonderry five years ago. SoLo Farm and Table has made quite a name for itself - garnering a number of James Beard Nominations, topping lists for the best farm-to-table dining in the state, and earning three years of recognition as a VFN Gold Barn Honoree. Chloe and Wesley have not only been growing their business but also their family - they have two children, a toddler and a five-year-old, who served as the inspiration to open HONEYPIE.

Honeypie, just 4 miles down the road from SoLo, is in Rawsonville, VT (though their post office address is in Jamaica, VT) and will occupy an old retro gas station which has inspired the restaurant design. In Chloe's words, "we are opening Honeypie sort of selfishly so that we have a place we can take our kids where we will enjoy just as much as our 5-year old will." The food will follow the ethos of SoLo with a low-key snack bar vibe featuring burgers, house-made sausage sandwiches, lobster rolls, chicken sandwiches, fries, beers on tap, wine and "a really awesome milkshake program!" Drawing from the success of their farmers' market stand, the sausages on the menu will be the same that they serve at the market - made in-house from whole, healthy, local animals. "All of our menu items are sourced out with purpose by growers and farmers that we respect and pledge to support." Chloe shared. SoLo partners with around 30 farmers and food producers in the Vermont Fresh Network, and many others in the South Londonderry area.

Where do they find the time and energy to raise two small children and two businesses!? "We know we’re crazy," Chloe joked, "but we also both realized that we thrive in environments where there is almost too much to do. Maybe it's the adrenaline gene that us restaurant people share, but we like to be busy, work hard and have choices for good food. Another restaurant was always something we wanted and the fact that the two are so extremely different is exciting and fulfilling. SoLo turns 5 years old this summer, so it seems like a really nice milestone and timing for the new business."

When can we travel scenic Route 100 for a house-made sausage sandwich and milkshake? SOON! Stay posted on Honeypie's facebook and website for the details.  


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