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Fresh off the Farm - Kimball Brook Creamery

February 19, 2014

In 2009, Kimball Brook Farm owners Cheryl and JD DeVos were shipping their milk out of state to become part of a national organic brand. The DeVoses and their children envisioned selling their milk in their own "milkshed," with a business model that prioritized the health of the animals, the health of the land, and their family's health. They seized the opportunity to build a milk bottling plant in the old Saputo Cheese Factory in Hinesburg. In June of 2012, Kimball Brook Farm began selling their own organic milk throughout New England. 

What is the Devos family excited about right now?
Their pure, delicious cream...

Kimball Brook Farm's organic cream products are extra luxurious. They use traditional pasteurization methods, rather than ultra pasteurization, which maintains the whey protein structure that contributes to the thick creaminess of dairy. All of their regular and flavored milks are free of stabilizers, emulsifiers, and artificial ingredients. Their cream has become a chef favorite, with high praise from partners like Lake Champlain Chocolates who use the cream when making the fillings for their chocolates. Not only can you get Kimball Brook heavy cream and half & half, but also an unhomogenized, cream top whole milk for that genuine, fresh from the cow taste!    

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