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Fresh off the Farm - Hartshorn's Santa Davida Farm

September 3, 2014

Hartshorn's Certified Organic Farm in Waitsfield has seen a fantastic tomato season. “Contrary to what one might think, tomatoes actually do better in cooler summer temps,” Farmer Dave Hartshorn explains this year's thriving crop.., “we have had a cooler season, and sporadic rain that has given the fruit time to stay dry and ripen in the sun.” Dave grows countless varieties of tomatoes, from greenhouse grown to outdoor heirlooms and cherries.

What are Dave’s favorite tomato varieties?
Cherokee Purples and Pineapples...

Heirloom Pineapple tomatoes are known for their brilliant yellow and red coloring along with their size--easily reaching over five inches per tomato. Dave’s record for largest tomato was unbroken at 2.78 pounds, which he beat this year with a pineapple tomato weighing in at 3.05 pounds! Visit Dave’s Farmstand in Waitsfield to pick up your heirlooms, sauce tomatoes, sweet corn, and very soon-fall squash and pumpkins!

Farmer Dave and Chef Charlie Menard of Inn at the Round Barn Farm have worked closely together for years and Dave’s produce has inspired countless beautiful dishes at the Inn. View the menu for VFN’s first Beyond Burlington Dinner in tribute to Dave’s tomatoes here—tickets are still available!

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