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Fresh off the Farm - Coger Farms and Greenhouses

August 21, 2013

Gayle Morabito of Coger Farms and Greenhouse has the proverbial green thumb. Growning up on a New Jersey farm, she tried to break the mold and move to the city but her love for working the land kept bringing her back. She and her husband, Michael, eventually settled in North Springfield, VT and opened a garden center. In 2007, they reevaluated their communities needs, converted the greenhouses and started growing sustainable food. Chefs rave about Gayle's abundant variety of culinary herbs and specialty produce, and she has secured loyal customers like The Inn at Weathersfield, The Downtown Grocery, Kedron Valley Inn and The Grafton Inn.

What's new and exciting at Coger's right now?
Two varieties of Japanese Eggplant that are just coming in!

With the limited size of greenhouses, Gayle practices strict space management to utilize every growable inch. Her first crop of compact growing pinstripe and white "Easter" eggplants are coming in, and she'll likely have them through autumn. Using all organic Vermont seeds, compost and fertilizer paired with a mild micro climate on Gayle's land, she's able to extend her growing season to fill the fresh produce gaps we Vermonters begrudgingly endure.

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