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A note from Executive Director Meghan Sheradin

April 19, 2017

Holy Cow, it has been 15 years!!!!!

You all have been such a huge part of my life. It is after a great deal of contemplation and with a pinch of nervousness, that I share that I am taking a position with another small Vermont non-profit. Over the next four months, I will be stepping into the role of executive director of the Vermont Grass Farmers Association. I will be their first full-time staff person and I am very excited to be spending more time on farms and working closely with the farm service providers across Vermont.

I will continue my role as ED at VFN through the Annual Forum on August 6th and am working with the VFN board and staff to shepherd a smooth and thoughtful transition. Our transition timeline should provide sufficient time for us to hire and acclimate a new Executive Director so they can be up and running by the last quarter of the year.

I have absolutely enjoyed my experience working for all of you and with the VFN’s board and staff. The organization has grown tremendously and I’m very proud of the work we have done together. I’m fortunate to leave VFN well positioned to expand and evolve; we have never had such an audience – there is a tremendous amount of interest in what all of you are doing. It has been my pleasure to share your great work and I am enthusiastic about the opportunities your next Executive Director will be able to bring to your door. It is hard to leave something you love & I have loved my work for all of you, but this is an opportunity for growth for both VFN and me. The organization is strong, solid and ripe for some new perspectives and energy!

Please feel comfortable reaching out to the board members and/or Grace, Helen or me with any thoughts or feelings that you would like to share about where you want to see the organization grow. We have a very engaged board and a committed staff, who are eager to assist and be useful.

The job description is posted on VFN’s website and in various locations online. Please share it with any individuals that you think would be strong candidates.

Thank you for 15 wonderful years.

My very best to all of you,

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