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2017 Best Bite & Sip Winners Announced!

August 10, 2017

Each year, Forum attendees sample through the vast offerings and select the taste that rises to the top - the Best Bite. This year, we asked our guests to choose the Best Sip as well. Here are the winners! 

Drum Roll Please....



Best Bite

Juniper Bar & Restaurant with Thornhill Farm
Slow roast Thornhill pork Cuban, spicy mustard, pickles, Springbrook Raclette, Red Hen baguette.






Best Sip

Eden Specialty Ciders
Assorted Ciders and Cider Aperitifs with a special cocktail from Michael Dunn, Misery Loves Co.




Extremely Honorable Mentions

Best Bite Runners-up: Guild Tavern with LaPlatte River Angus; Farmhouse with Pitchfork Farm; Bistro De Margot with Maple Brook & Half Pint Farm; and Black River Produce with Black River Meats, Green Mountain Orchard, Deep Root and Blaise Farm.

Best Sip Runners Up: Caledonia Spirits, Mad River Distillers & SILO Distillery
Prize Sponsors
Thank you to the following businesses for donating prizes to our two winners...
Boyer's Orchard | Crescent Hill Bed and Breakfast | Danforth Pewter

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