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Shrubbly, LLC

Type of Business

Specialty Foods, Wholesale


Shrubbly LLC is a farmer-owned company. The organic aronia berries and black currants used in some of our products come from our USDA Organic Vermont berry farm. Every ready-to-drink, non-alcoholic can of Shrubbly® is a healthy shot of an old-time mixer called a "Shrub" that is added to sparkling water. Yep, "Shrub" + "Bubbly" = Shrubbly®. It's good straight from the can or as a lightly effervescent mixer. We believe in making every day as good as it can be by working hard, boldly chasing our dreams, taking our best shot, and pressing on. We hope you will be part of our startup story.




82 Honey Hill Road
Hinesburg, VT

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