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Karim Farm and Creamery

Type of Business

Farmstand / Farm store, Wholesale


Karim Farm & Creamery specializes in hard and semi-hard raw cow's milk "farmstead-style" cheeses using European guidelines. Presently, they have 18 cows, heifers, and calves and produce eight cheeses: Karim Nordic (a Jarlesberg-style Swiss), Piora (an Alpine “berg-kase”), Gruyere, Hispanico (a Manchgo style), Green Mountain Melody (a Morbier), an English Farmhouse Cheddar, Gouda, and their own Italian-style œVertalia. All milk is produced on the farm and they use vegetable rennet and sea salt. "Makes" are small, ~40lb, made by hand with careful attention to each cheese. Cheeses are aged on the farm in their own "cave."


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442 Chamberlin Road
East Ryegate, VT

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