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Jericho Settlers Farm

Type of Business

CSA, Farmstand / Farm store, Wholesale

Additional Services Offered

Workshops / Edu Programs


Jericho Settlers Farm is a 150 acre farm producing 30 acres of certified organic vegetables and herbs for their year round CSA, farmstand, and wholesale customers. They manage nearly 2 acres of crops in hoophouses and greenhouses year round. Jericho Settlers Farm specializes in year round vegetable production, in particular salad greens, early cucumbers and tomatoes, and root vegetables such as carrots, beets, and parsnips. They grow food for you because they believe a thriving local food system is essential to a sustainable community, both their human-community and the other animals, plants, and the land that share this space with us.


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22 Barber Farm Road
Jericho, VT

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