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Runamok Maple

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Specialty Foods, Wholesale


Runamok Maple is located in northern Vermont, along the western slopes of Mount Mansfield. Spanning 1,100 acres in Cambridge and 250 acres in Fairfield, the Runamok Maple crew taps 81,000 trees to bring you one of Mother Nature's most exquisite pleasures: pure maple syrup.

Throughout the sugaring season, the flavor of the syrup varies due to temperature, moisture, and acts of nature that remain a mystery even to the experts. As it changes, they constantly taste it until it hits the absolute peak of flavor. Since this is the syrup they bottle for themselves, they call it The Sugarmaker's Cut.

Along with their pure maple syrup, Runamok Maple has created a collection of infused, smoked, and barrel-aged maple syrups. Maple marries exceptionally well with a variety of flavors. Some of them are tried and true like cinnamon and vanilla and some are unexpectedly out of this world, like their original Makrut lime-leaf.

They are constantly working on new recipes to highlight the unique flavors in their syrups and have gathered them on their website for you to try.


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293 Fletcher Road
Fairfax, VT

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