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SILO Distillery


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SILO Distillery is a craft distillery located in Windsor, Vermont. We make all of our spirits in house, from grain to glass, using locally sourced Vermont grains. All of our products use real ingredients, locally sourced as much as possible. The distillery is a beautiful architect designed barn with two tasting bars, views of our custom built German stills, and event space for meetings and gatherings of all kinds.

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3 Artisans Way
Windsor, VT 05089

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Phone: 802.674.4220
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Available Vermont Products

  • Wine & Spirits

    • Aisling
      Our Aisling (Ash-ling) Wheat Whisky is distilled from wheat mash and aged with charred vermont ash wood. A perfect unique fall whisky.
    • Bourbon
      A small batch bourbon made with Vermont-grown corn and rye — smokey and rich, with just the right amount of sweet.
    • Cacao Vodka
      Using fair trade winnowed cacao shells from Lake Champlain Chocolates' Blue Bandana project, we created a one of a kind cacao vodka.
    • Cucumber Vodka
      We hand-peel hundreds of cucumbers to steep in our award-winning vodka. This spirit has a cool, bright flavor that’s straight from the garden.
    • Gin
      Our gin holds tight to traditional roots, yet is balanced and welcoming for newer palates.
    • Lavender
      Made with our award-winning vodka and lavender flowers, this is the essence of relaxation.
    • Lemon Vodka
      Taste the softer side of lemon. We infused our award-winning vodka with Meyer lemons, lemon peel, and lemon verbena.
    • Reserve Gin
      Our classic gin with a barrel-aged bend, a light kiss of woody sweetness and char.
    • Solstice
      In partnership with our neighbors at Harpoon, we're proud to present Solstice, a spirit distilled from the barley, wheat, orange peel & spices in Harpoon UFO beer.
    • Vodka
      Our award-winning vodka. Made with 100% Vermont corn, grown in North Clarendon, Vermont at Grembowicz Farm.
    • Whiskey
      Small batch whiskey, aged in our bourbon barrels. This whiskey is spicy and soul-warming, perfect for a fall night by the fire.

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