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Lincoln Peak Vineyard, LLC


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The Granstrom family planted 12 acres of cold-hardy grapevines in Vermont's Champlain Valley starting 12 years ago, and Lincoln Peak Vineyard has grown into one of the largest grape producers and wineries in the state. We pick our grapes by hand each autumn, and make wine in the barn we built with meticulous devotion to the best winemaking techniques. We make our wine with our own grapes, and we're committed to 100% Vermont grape wines. Our wines have won three Best-in-Show awards at the International Cold Climate Wine Competition in the past few years, and we're proud of what we grow and make.

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142 River Road
New Haven, VT 05472

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Phone: 802-388-7368
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Available Vermont Products

  • Wine & Spirits

    • Black Sparrow (white)
      Black Sparrow is a refreshing dry white wine with lively acidity and hints of melon and grapefruit.

      Suggested pairings: With seafood, poultry, pasta, or hearty veggie dishes. Serve chilled.

      Varietals: Prairie Star & Louise Swenson, all grown in our own vineyard.
      750 ml.
    • Heartwood rosé | $14.99/each
      Splitting logs of black cherry wood releases a wonderful aroma that came to mind the first time we tasted Heartwood. It’s lively, bright, and slightly sweet.

      Suggested pairings: With pork, poultry, pasta, or summer fare. Perfect for a picnic. Serve chilled.

      Varietal: Made with Marquette grapes grown in our own vineyard.
      750ml bottle.
    • La Crescent (white) | $16.99
      La Crescent is a vibrant and refreshing off-dry wine with apple and citrus flavors and a crisp finish.
      *Winner of Best in Show White Wine at the 2010 ICCWC.

      Suggested pairings: With poultry, fish and other seafood, or spicy dishes. Serve chilled.

      Varietal: Made from La Crescent grapes grown in our own vineyard
      750ml bottle.
    • Late Harvest 2011 | $17.99
      Our Late Harvest is made entirely from La Crescent grapes grown in our own 12-acre vineyard (we do grow all our grapes). The La Crescent grapes’ characteristic flavors of apricot and peach are stunning and rich in this wine. Those big fruit notes are complemented by crisp pear and a zing of lemon on the finish, which leave the wine well-balanced and bright.
    • Marquette (red) | $16.99/each
      Marquette is a robust dry red wine with smooth tannins and lingering flavors of black currant and black pepper. The most talked-about red wine in Vermont, this is our signature wine.

      Suggested pairings: With steaks, sausages, stews, and other hearty meals. Let it breathe well before enjoying, either with an aerator or by decanting in advance.

      Varietal: Made from Marquette grapes grown in our own vineyard
      750ml bottle.

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