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Hermit's Gold Wild Edibles


Farm/Food Artisan


Hermit's Gold is Colin McCaffrey's foraging operation. Colin has spent decades in central and northern Vermont learning all the hidden spots. Fresh, clean chanterelles, porcinis, lobster, matsutake and hen-of-the-woods mushrooms are his specialty. Colin is also a full-time musician and record producer, and serves as president of the board for Friends of the Winooski River.


963 Rte 214
E. Montpelier, VT 05651

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Phone: 802.454.1007
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Available Vermont Products

  • Specialty Products

    • Dried and fresh Porcini/Bolete mushrooms | $10.00/oz
      Fresh Boletes are seasonally available at $16/lb
    • Fresh Chanterelle Mushrooms | $16.00/lb
      These are graded and clean Chanterelles.
    • Lobster Mushrooms
      Availabe generally july through sept.
    • Pig Ear Mushrooms | $12.00/lb
  • Vegetables

    • Wild Edible Plants

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