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We're a network of Vermont Chefs, Farmers, Food Artisans, and Diners.

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Recognizes chefs who are exceptional partners with Vermont farmers! Learn more...


Fischer Farm Fence Inc.

Farm/Food Artisan | Springfield | Network Partners: 2 | 802.376.6729 | At Fischer Farm our goal is to humanely and happily raise animals which efficiently produce the highest quality meat possible, while improving pastures and conserving natural resources. We offer meats produced... Learn more.

Flack Family Farm

Flack Family Farm

Farm/Food Artisan | Enosburg Falls | Network Partners: 12 | 802.933.7752 | Flack Family Farm, in the Vermont hills, is a biodynamic farm using organic practices. Natural minerals and planned grazing with American Milking Devon cattle rejuvenate the soil, sequester carbon and... Learn more.


Fresh Tracks Farm Vineyard & Winery

Distributor, Farm/Food Artisan | Berlin | Network Partners: 13 | 802.223.1151 | At Fresh Tracks Farm Vineyard and Winery, we not only produce wine, we also grow the grapes to make it! We also make and sell maple syrup and grape jam... Learn more.

Full Sun Company

Full Sun Company

Farm/Food Artisan | Middlebury | Network Partners: 14 | 802.377.3541 | Full Sun Company is a new regional producer, purchaser, and processor of specialty oilseed crops based in Middlebury, Vermont. We recruit family farmers to grow Non-GMO and Organic canola, sunflower... Learn more.

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Georgia Mountain Maples

Farm/Food Artisan | Milton | Network Partners: 2 | 802.363.0607 | Here at Georgia Mountain Maples our enthusiastic family brings a new way of thinking to an old fashion product. Our abundant maple trees along with our state of the art... Learn more.

Golden Russet Farm2

Golden Russet Farm

Farm/Food Artisan | Shoreham | Network Partners: 6 | 802.897.7031 | Golden Russet Farm is a family-run organic farm in Shoreham, Vermont, near Lake Champlain. We grow a wide variety of summer and fall vegetables. In the spring, we offer bedding... Learn more.


Golden Well Farm and Apiary

Farm/Food Artisan, Inn/B&B/Farm Stay/Lodging | New Haven | Network Partners: 3 | 802.870.0361 | Golden Well Farm & Apiaries a full spread vegetable farm and small apiary which also provides value- added honey products and hosts Agritourism, Farm Stays, and Agricultural Educational events and... Learn more.

Grafton Village Cheese

Grafton Village Cheese

Farm/Food Artisan | Brattleboro | Network Partners: 59 | 800.472.3866 | Welcome to Grafton Village Cheese, Vermont's award-winning aged cheddar cheese. Our artisanal cheddar cheese is handcrafted from premium raw cow milk from small Vermont family farms. Learn more.


Grafton Village Cheese-Brattleboro

Farm/Food Artisan | Brattleboro | Network Partners: 15 | 800.472.3866 | Welcome to Grafton Village Cheese, Vermont's award-winning aged cheddar cheese and specialty cave-aged cheeses. Our artisanal cheddar is handcrafted, VT premium raw cow milk from small Vermont family... Learn more.

Gratitude Farm

Gratitude Farm

Farm/Food Artisan | Northfield | 802.485.9660 | A new farm in Northfield, Vermont serving our local community and beyond. We use biodynamic and organic farming methods to grow nutrient dense produce. We also grow a variety... Learn more.

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