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Facebook Marketing - Feb 14th

February 5, 2018

Facebook Marketing Webinar 

This event is over - but the recording and notes appear below 

Learn about effectively using Facebook to market your farm or food business with Tom Remp from VFN Partner Member Billings Farm and Museum

This webinar goes beyond social media 101 to look in depth at this particular tool, including:

  • How to set and measure goals for Facebook performance
  • Tools for targeting audiences and setting up paid campaigns
  • Facebook algorithms (what this is and how it affects you)
  • Preparing for and managing aggressively negative users (a sad fact of social media)

Plus questions from participants - anyone interested in participating is also encouraged to send in issues you'd like to learn about, just e-mail

Notes & Recording

Oh, we're still perfecting the whole 'making a recording' thing - but there's a limit to how far off you can go, wait a few moments on this video and the screens will resolve themselves. 

Webinar Recording 

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